Hi, My name is Laura and I am obsessed with all things diet. I have spent years researching just about every diet out there and I have also tried most of them. Really? …yes, Really!

I have also experienced many of the pitfalls and nutritional health issues associate with diets and dieting. I consider myself a self taught expert (school of Hard Knocks) heard of it? on dieting, nutrition, and food.  I am truly diet, supplement, and food obsessed!

I decided to start this blog because so many of my friends and family members come to me for advice on diets, supplements, recipes. I thought it would be good to have an online *outlet* to share all.


A little about my dieting past.  In the past I have been very overweight at times as well as very thin. I feel that I am finally finding balance and figuring it all out, sort of.

For example, I have lost more than 80 lbs in 6 months time, although I do not recommend that, it caused me to have many health problems that were nutritionally related.  I will be sharing those experiences and much more here on my blog. If I get brave enough I might post some before and after photos…maybe.  I have been a size 2 to size 20 and everything in between.

My other interests include baking, cooking, fitness, cake decorating, bread making, organic gardening and more.