Leptin Diet Food List

Leptin Diet Food List

by laura on February 20, 2012 · 1 comment

Leptin diet food listLeptin Diet Food List, Overview

I noticed the Leptin Diet mentioned in several dieting forums in the last few weeks. Leptin Diet is new to me, where have I been? So I will attempt to describe what I know about it.

The Leptin diet food list is based on the idea of controlling the hormone called Leptin in order to help you lose weight. Apparently Leptin has a huge influence on fat storage and appetite. The amount of Leptin in the body is proportional to the number of fat cells in the body.

Too much leptin in the body can cause something called Leptin resistance. This is the bad news. Leptin apparently becomes totally awol and unregulated and makes everything go crazy. Higher body fat apparently leads to greater leptin release, less leptin “sensitivity” and this all adds up to a vicious cycle.

Leptin has also been liked to type 2 diabetes. Leptin communicates with the liver in relation to the glucose stores in the body. If the leptin signal is off then this affects how the liver stores glucose. This affects blood sugar and is bad news for both obesity and diabetes.

Leptin may also play a role in Alzheimer’s and the aging process.

It is believed that this problem is a huge contributor in the obesity problem. For example, being hungry for no reason whatsoever and having a strong desire to overeat. This is not good! It can be difficult to succeed with any diet if you are constantly struggling with hunger. No fun!

Leptin also has an impact on metabolism and fat storage and if things get unregulated, well…it’s can get ugly. All the signals get mixed up. This leads to feeling hungry when you are not hungry and storing way more fat than a normal healthy body would.

Many of the foods on the Leptin diet are believed to promote Leptin sensitivity. Eating this way is thought to regulate the hormone Leptin and your sensitivity to it. Lean proteins, vegetables, and more can be found on the Leptin diet food list.

Leptin Diet Food List, Protein

Protein is an important part of the Leptin diet food list. All kinds of lean proteins can be eaten while following the Leptin diet food list plan. Lean chicken, lean beef, lean lamb. Avoid all processed meats and pork products. Protein makes up a huge part of the Leptin diet food list.  According to the Leptin diet. Eating large amounts of protein is an important part of resetting your leptin.

Most types of seafood are allowed on the Leptin diet food list. Foods like shellfish, haddock, halibut, and flounder are good choices because they are very lean. Salmon, herring, and anchovies should be avoided because they tend to be fatty.  Tuna can be fatty or lean, depending on the type of tuna. Tuna and mackerel both tend to be very high in mercury, so they should be eaten no more than once per week.

Vegetables and Grains, Leptin Diet Food List

There are a huge variety of vegetables on the Leptin diet food list. Some of my favorites are asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, spinach, and green beans. Sweet potatoes and carrots are also allowed on the Leptin diet food list.

Grains are restricted on the Leptin diet food list. Gluten is not an option and that means breads, pasta, or anything made from wheat, barley, rye or oats. Thank goodness there are plenty of options for gluten free grains. Buckwheat, quinoa, rye, and amaranth are just some of the gluten free choices on the Leptin diet food list.

Fresh herbs are also part of the Leptin diet food list. Some of my favorites are basil, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, parsley, sage, and bay leaves. Adding fresh herbs as apposed to dry makes such a huge difference in the flavor. Spices of all kinds are also part of the Leptin diet food list.